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With HSBC Advance cards

Enjoy Uber Value exclusive offer

Enjoy up to 6 months of exclusive benefits with an Uber Value, including discounted Uber trips, free 10th trip , high rates drivers and more - when you use your Advance credit or debit card.

What is the Campaign?

  • HSBC Advance cardholders (Credit or Debit) will be eligible to enjoy the Uber Value package of benefits offered to HSBC Egypt Advance customers when paying with their HSBC Egypt Advance cards based on the following terms and conditions.

What is Uber Value?

  • It is a limited time offer giving customers access to discounts and benefits for the duration of the campaign, including: 
  • 10% off unlimited UberX1 rides and UberComfort2 rides.

  • Airport priority pick up and drop off (subject to the availability of nearby drivers within the area).

  • High rated drivers.

  • Priority customer support.

  • The 10th trip free up to EGP 40.00 after completion of 9 paid trips (a separate promo-code will be generated every time a HSBC Customer completes 9 fully paid trips, which a user will be required to enter within the Uber App). The promo code will only be valid within the month of the 9th   trip being taken.

What is the offer to HSBC Advance cardholders?

  • To get enrolled  to Uber Value offer for free, for up to 6 months during the campaign period.

What is the campaign period?

  • This campaign is valid starting from 15 August 2022 till 15 February 2023.
  • Important: The campaign duration is having a defined date to end on 15 February 2023 and the benefit to the customer will depend on the date of enrolling. That is to say, HSBC Advance cardholder who enrolls during the first month of the campaign will enjoy the full six months’ free Uber Value offer, while Advance cardholder who enrolls in the fifth month of the campaign, will enjoy the free offer for one month only. Once the cardholder enrolls, he will enjoy the Uber Value benefits and discounts till end of the campaign’s six months’ period.
  • System logic is based on the calendar month. That is to say, the Uber Value Benefits package will be refreshed by the start of each month for the duration of the offer. For example, the 10th trip free (up to EGP 40.00) will be refreshed on a monthly basis and a cardholder will be entitled to one per month. To clarify more, if a cardholder exhausted the 9 trips before the end of month & the new calendar month just started before taking the 10th trip, the cardholder will need to take 9 trips in the new month to benefit from the 10th trip free (up to EGP 40.00).

What will happen after the end of the campaign period?

  • After the end of the promotion period, cardholders may be continuing with the offer package (if it is still offered by Uber) at the normal fee defined by Uber

What are the eligible card types?

  • The offer applies only to all HSBC Advance Debit and Credit Cards.
  • Both Primary & supplementary credit cardholders can benefit from this promotion given that each cardholder maintains a standalone Uber App on his/her own Mobile device where each App is linked to a different card. 

To clarify more for cardholders who links more than one card to Uber Wallet

  • Example (1): In case the cardholder linked an Advance card & non-advance card to the wallet, so cardholder will benefit only from this promotion upon selecting the advance card as the payment method.
  • Example (2): In case the cardholder linked an Advance credit card & an Advance debit card to the wallet, so cardholder will benefit from this promotion upon selecting any card of them as a payment method.
  • Example (3): In case the same Advance card is linked to more than one Uber App on different Mobile devices, so cardholder will benefit from this promotion several times on each & every mobile device. For example, each device will need to take 9 trips independently to qualify for the 10th trip free

How to get the offer?

  1. Cardholder will access Uber App.
  2. Cardholder selects (Wallet) and must add a HSBC advance debit or credit card as a payment method in their Uber wallet in the Uber App.
  3. Cardholder will enter the promotion Code [HSBCADVANCE] once on the Uber App which will be valid during the Promotion Period.
    By entering the Promo Code, cardholder will be automatically enrolled by Uber to enjoy the Benefits package each month until the end of the Promotion Period, unless cardholder cancels their Uber Value Benefits package prior to the end of the Promotion Period.

    In the event that HSBC card is lost or stolen, you can continue enjoying Uber Value package by updating new card number as a payment method in the Uber wallet (payment methods) in the Uber App.

How to cancel the offer after enrolling in it?

Cardholder will need to cancel their Uber Value Benefits package via contacting Uber Customer Support to cancel the Promo Code.

What I do I need to do if I have any further inquiries or faced any issues?

Uber will provide customer support as is standard to Uber Riders by contacting Uber Customer Support via the “Help” button within Uber application.

What else do I need to know?

  • These Terms and Conditions only apply in Arab republic of Egypt.
  • HSBC Advance cardholders may not combine benefits or discounts applied under Uber, but can get the offer on all advance cards owned by him/her.
  • The Bank reserves the right at its own discretion to alter or amend these Campaign Terms and Conditions or end the Campaign at any time. The bank decisions on all matters relating to the Campaign shall be final and conclusive, but if we do so we will give the cardholders 30 days’ notice in a manner which is reasonable. The latest version of the terms and conditions will be available on the bank’s website.
  • Participating in this Campaign does not grant cardholders the right to use HSBC’s name, logo or images from or relating to the campaign without HSBC’s explicit written approval. Cardholders may not make any public announcement regarding this Campaign without HSBC’s prior written consent and any breach of this provision shall confer a right on HSBC at HSBC’s discretion not to award the discount to qualified cardholders.
  • In addition to these Campaign Terms and Conditions, HSBC Personal Banking General Terms and Conditions for Egypt, HSBC Credit Card Agreement Terms for Egypt and any separate terms and conditions as available on shall continue to apply. For all rates, fees and charges as set out on the HSBC Schedule of Services and Tariffs, please visit our website at
  • Any dispute HSBC may have under these terms and conditions will be governed in all respects by the Egyptian law. All claims & disputes relating to this offer terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent Arab Republic of Egypt courts.
  • Each of the terms and conditions set out in these Campaign Terms and Conditions need to be met.
  • the Uber Value Benefits package with other benefits, discounts or promos offered by Uber.
  • You consent to your data being stored, transferred and processed (either in Egypt or overseas) by HSBC, its group companies and its authorized third parties to contact you if you qualify for the offer. 
  • You consent to your data being stored, shared, transferred and processed  - either in Egypt or overseas - by HSBC, its group companies & its third parties to Uber or by Uber to HSBC & its group companies for the purpose of validating the campaign performance and your eligibility for the offer.

1 UberX is your affordable, everyday rides

2 With UberComfort, riders get more experienced and highly-rated drivers with newer-model vehicles that offer more leg room. Additionally, the option allows riders to choose their ride preferences before they start the trip (like, Temperature preferences, Conversation preferences & Extra paid wait time)

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