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Saving Certificates

Earn regular interest on your medium-term savings

Enjoy the benefits of medium-term savings in Egyptian pounds

An HSBC 3-year Savings Certificate offers you a medium-term savings opportunity in EGP with higher interest rates. You can also credit the interest you earn each month to your current or savings account.

What you'll get with a Savings Certificate

  • A rate of 22% per annum

  • A certificate issued in EGP and in the name of the owner

  • 3 year validity and tax exemption

  • Interest paid monthly and credited to your current or savings account

  • Full or partial redemption after 6 months of the purchase date subject to relevant penalties

  • Eligibility for Asset-Linked Finance, an overdraft or a secured HSBC credit card against the certificate

Redemption schedule

Interest on the withdrawn amount by redemption period

Redemption period Deduction from contracted interest rate
During year 1 10%
During year 2
During year 3

Interest on the withdrawn amount by redemption period

Redemption period During year 1
Deduction from contracted interest rate 10%
Redemption period During year 2
Deduction from contracted interest rate 8%
Redemption period During year 3
Deduction from contracted interest rate 6%

Full or partial withdrawals are possible after 6 months of payment.

Things you should know

Minimum deposit amount

The minimum deposit amount for an HSBC Savings Certificate is EGP 10,000. Savings Certificates are issued in multiples of EGP 1,000.

Redemption amount

Partial redemption should be in multiples of EGP 1,000 with a minimum amount of EGP 1,000 to be redeemed per transaction. The remaining value of the certificate should not be less than EGP 10,000 (as a minimum).

Important documents

How to apply

We'll call you

Request a call back to start your application. Our team is available weekdays from 9.30am to 3.30pm and will be in touch within 120 minutes.1

Call us

Contact us by phone every day from 9am to 11pm.

Tel: 19007 (within Egypt)

Tel: +202 3535 9100 (outside Egypt)

Visit a branch

Visit your nearest branch to speak to us in person.

1Call back is available from 9.30am to 3.30pm, Sunday to Thursday. If you ask for a call back outside these hours, we'll call you the next working day.

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