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Frequently asked questions for travel insurance feature cancellation on HSBC Premier and HSBC Advance Mastercard Credit Cards. 

What is the travel insurance feature?

The travel insurance is offered and underwritten by AIG Egypt Insurance Company and under its full responsibility. HSBC Bank Egypt acts as an introducer of the AIG product to introduce it to all Premier and Advance Mastercard Credit Card holders in case they purchased airline tickets using primary or supplementary Premier or Advance MasterCard credit cards.

When the travel insurance feature will be no longer available?

Effective the 1 January 2023.

Why you are cancelling the travel insurance feature?

Due to new regulations received from the Financial Regulatory Authority in July 2022 restricting insurance companies from issuing or renewing travel insurance policies. All travel insurance must now be issued by the Egyptian pool for travel insurance.

Can I submit any claim requests to AIG after 31st of December 2022?

You can normally submit claim requests to AIG Egypt insurance company within maximum 30 days after the incident date, in case the incident took place before the 31 December 2022.

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