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Online Banking – Terms & Conditions


1. About these Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions apply to HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E. (Societe Anonyme Egyptienne) Personal Online Banking Services, Call center and HSBC Egypt Mobile Banking App. These Terms and Conditions operate in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions applicable to account(s) you access using these services including the opening of any new accounts. If there is an inconsistency, these Terms and Conditions prevail.

In these Terms and Conditions the reference to "we" or "us" shall mean HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E and reference to "you" mean the customer.

Please read these Terms and Conditions before using these services. If you do not understand any part of them, or if you have any questions, please speak with a staff member at any HSBC Bank Egypt branch or call HSBC Bank Egypt Customer Service on:

2. Defined terms

"Account(s)" means account(s) you have with HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E operable through its branches in Egypt, which HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E has determined is accessible by the Service, including any new accounts opened.

"Account Holder" means a person who has entered into a contract with HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E and has an Account in his / her own name or a joint account in respect of which HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E may act on the instructions of any one or more of the joint account holders.

"EGP" means Egyptian pound.

"Banking Day/Business day" means any day on which banks in Egypt are open for business.

"HSBC" also referred to as "the Bank" means HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E, 306, Corniche El Nil Street, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt, operating through its branches in Egypt.

"HSBC Call Center" means HSBC Phone Banking Service:

If you're calling from outside Egypt please be advised that this number is only available through landlines.

"Instruction" means any written request or order to HSBC which is effected through the Service by use of a username, memorable answer, and password.

"online banking service" means the service that HSBC makes available through the Internet network to its customers to enable the electronic receipt and transmission of information and Instructions (in relation to their account).

"Payment cut-off time" means:

(i) In relation to an EGP payment being made to another bank, 3:00pm Egypt time.

(ii) In relation to a payment made in any currency to an account within HSBC Bank Egypt, instantly.

(ii) For payments in a currency other than EGP to accounts not held with HSBC Bank Egypt, the cut-off times may vary (please refer to HSBC Bank Egypt Cut-Off Times for further information).

"PBN" means your 10 digits online banking ID by which HSBC Bank Egypt identifies you.

"PIN" means your six digits Personal Identification Number supplied to you by HSBC Bank Egypt for accessing the Phone Banking Service. When you first register for online banking service, you will use your existing 6-digit Phone Banking PIN for registration. You will then select a new 8-30 characters alpha-numeric and special characters "Password" and reconfirm your choice. Your unique "password" will be used every time you logon to online banking service. The new "password" is alpha-numeric and special characters password.

"Service" means the Personal online banking service.

"Telephone Banking Service" means the Telephone Instruction and information service made available by HSBC Bank Egypt Customer Service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

"Text message" means: Short Message Service.

"Text message Alert Service" means delivering text message notification for account and/or credit card transactions in real time to HSBC Bank Egypt customers local mobile phones.

"Terms" mean these terms and conditions, which could be amended from time to time according to HSBC Bank Egypt sole discretion without the need of providing prior notification.

"Primary Account" means first account opened by the customer with HSBC Egypt bank.

"You" means an account holder who has accepted these Terms and "your" has a corresponding meaning.

3. Acceptance

When you use the service, you accept these terms.

If you have previously used the service, your first use of the service after publication of these terms indicates your acceptance of them.

4. Using the service

This service can be used to:

  • Obtain the balance of any account, transfer funds to or from any account, view your accounts, make standing order payments in relation to any account and update your personal details and your correspondence address held by HSBC Bank Egypt for any account.
  • Make a payment transfer from any account to another person's account with HSBC Bank Egypt within Egypt or another financial institution which includes the foreign branches of HSBC Bank Egypt or to another account you hold with another financial institution provided that the aggregate amount of such payments on any day is EGP 3,000,000 for all HSBC customers (Premier, Advance, as well as Mass). While the aggregate amount of daily transfer within customers own accounts with HSBC Bank Egypt is EGP 20,000,000. You can make a payment transfer within Egypt to any mobile wallet with an aggregate daily amount of EGP 50,000.
  • Receive and send secure email messages from and to HSBC Bank Egypt.
  • Obtain e-Statements and e-Advices.
  • Opening new accounts.
  • Open New Time Deposits.

If you give an instruction on a banking day to make a payment from an account after the payment cut-off time it will be processed on the next banking day.

If you give an instruction to make a payment between any accounts with HSBC Bank Egypt it will be effected instantly.

If you give an instruction to make an EGP transfer to any account not held with HSBC Bank Egypt either after the payment cut-off time or on any day which is not a banking day it will not be made until the next banking day.

If you give an instruction to transfer a currency (other than EGP) to an account with any other bank after the payment cut-off time, it will be made on the next day which is both a banking day in Egypt, the country or region of the beneficiary account and the center for the relevant currency.

5. Secure email messages

(a.) If we make this facility available to you, you may send us and we may send you secure e-messages over the online banking service.

(b.) If you send us a message we will aim to respond to you within two working days by email or by telephone as confirmation of receipt of your message. If this is not possible or we are not willing to answer your query or comply with your request within this timescale or at all we will aim to let you know this within two working days. No request will be implemented until we have first sent you a message as confirmation. Please be aware that once you have sent a request we may not be able to reverse it before it is implemented.

(c.) You must not send us messages:
- (i) in relation to matters for which there is a specific functionality on the online banking service e.g. to     notify us of a change to your address or to make a payment;
- (ii) which require immediate attention (please telephone us instead);
- (iii) which are requests of a transactional nature e.g. share dealing or fund management instructions;
- (iv) reporting the loss or stolen of cheques and/or cheque or credit cards and/or debit cards (please telephone us instead);
- (v) which are offensive, frivolous or otherwise inappropriate.

(d.) Under no circumstances should any message sent by us be construed as an offer to provide a product or service to you on particular terms or at all. All products and services are subject to status and terms and conditions.

6. E-Statements and e-Advices

Upon registration for Internet Banking, you will be automatically subscribed to the e-statements/e-advices service for your account(s) and credit card(s) where your statements and advices will be sent to you electronically. On statement due date, you will receive a message informing you that your statement is available. You will need Acrobat Reader (version 4.0 or above) to view, save or print your statement. In the event that you do not have this software on your PC, you may download it free of charge from

For joint accounts, if all account holders are registered for Internet Banking, then e-statements will be sent to each accordingly. If any party to a joint account has not registered for Internet Banking or if any party de-selects the e-statement option, paper statements will be sent.

7. Access to the service

You agree that any person who supplies HSBC Bank Egypt with your PBN and password may be allowed access to the service and to your account.

You agree that HSBC Bank Egypt may delay acting upon an instruction or ask for more information before acting on an instruction.

HSBC Bank Egypt may specify limits on transaction types and values in respect of certain accounts or the Service and may refuse to act on an Instruction if a transaction exceeds a particular limit.

Where HSBC Bank Egypt has instructions for more than one payment from an account on the same day, it will determine the order or priority in which the payments are made.

8. Security of your PBN and password

You must keep your PBN and password secure and take steps to prevent unauthorised use of them. You must not tell or disclose them to another person or allow them to be seen by another person (including family or friends). You must not keep a record of them in a way which they can be determined by another person. You must not record them together. You must not select a password which represents your birth date or a recognizable part of your name.

HSBC Bank Egypt may from time to time provide guidelines for ensuring the security of a password or PBN. The guidelines will provide examples only of security measures and will not determine your liability for any unauthorised instruction on your account. Liability for such transactions will be determined in accordance with clause 12 below.

9. What to do if your PBN or password is lost or stolen or otherwise compromised

You should notify HSBC Bank Egypt immediately if a record of your PBN and/or password is lost or stolen or you become aware or suspect that another person knows your PBN or password or has made unauthorised use of the service.

You should notify HSBC Bank Egypt in Egypt by calling:

HSBC Bank Egypt will then cancel your password and arrange for you to select a new one.

HSBC Bank Egypt may cancel a PBN or password at any time without notice if it believes either is being misused.

You agree that HSBC Bank Egypt may disclose information about you or your account to the police or other third parties if it thinks it will help prevent or recover losses.

10. Records and statements:

The bank shall notify each of its customers of his/her account(s) statement(s) every three months at the most. The customer shall have the right to object to the content of the statement(s) through a registered channel with acknowledgement of receipt, within fifteen days from the date of being notified with the statement, after which, no objections shall be considered. The lapse of the aforesaid fifteen day period without receiving any customer objections shall constitute the customer's approval to the validity of the statement(s) content unless the customer proves otherwise.

If you did not notify us that you did not receive your bank statements, the Bank shall not be liable in such by which this will be considered as your confirmation that all data stated in the statements are true and correct and approved from your side.

11. Liability for unauthorised transactions:

(a.) your fraud, your failure to look after and keep your password or PBN secure in accordance with clause 9 or your extreme carelessness in failing to protect their security is the dominant cause of your loss; or

(b.) your delay in notifying HSBC Bank Egypt of the misuse, loss or stolen of your PBN or password or of them becoming known to someone else and the loss occurs between the time you did, or should reasonably have, become aware of these matters and the time you notify HSBC Bank Egypt.

However, your liability will not exceed the lesser of:

(c.) the credit balance of the account plus any pre-arranged credit limit; or

(d.) the amount you are able to withdraw from your account on the day the unauthorised transaction takes place.

You will not be liable for losses which are incurred:

(e.) before you have received your PBN and/or password;

(f.) if the transaction occurs after you notify HSBC Bank Egypt that your PBN or password has been misused, lost or stolen or become known to someone else;

(g.) that is caused by the fraudulent or negligent action of HSBC Bank Egypt employees or agents, of companies involved in networking arrangements for the electronic transfer of funds or of merchants linked to that system, their employees or agents;

(h.) that is related to an access method (including a password or PBN) which is expired, cancelled, faulty or forged;

(i.) that is caused by the same transaction being incorrectly debited more than once to the same account.

12. Liability:

Subject to clause 9 and to the extent permitted by law, HSBC Bank Egypt will not be responsible for any damage or loss including legal costs, whether consequential or not, caused because of access to or inability to access the Service, except where it is because of gross negligence or willful default on the part of HSBC Bank Egypt or breach of a condition or warranty implied by statute in contracts for the supply of goods and services and which must not be excluded, modified or restricted.

HSBC Bank Egypt liability for breach of any such non-excludable rights is limited, at the option of HSBC Bank Egypt, to the supply of the services again, or to the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

You will be liable for and agree to indemnify HSBC Bank Egypt against any loss or damage HSBC Bank Egypt may suffer because you did not observe your obligations under these Terms or acted negligently or fraudulently when using the service. The Bank will not be responsible for any loss that you may incur if you fail to comply with the terms and to observe all the security tips. The use of the Internet is subject to other risks which are not of a security nature described above but which arise from factors beyond the Bank's control, for example failure of communication networks, mechanical failures, power failures, malfunction, breakdown or inadequacy of equipment. These risks may result in your requests or transactions being delayed, lost or inaccurately transmitted and may cause you to suffer losses. Unless the Bank has been grossly negligent, the Bank will not be responsible for such losses.

13. Complaint procedure:

If you have a concern with the service please contact HSBC Bank Egypt by our Customer Service on:

HSBC Bank Egypt will try to resolve your query as soon as possible; however some problems are complicated and may take time to resolve. For example, if there is a dispute over who is liable for a loss resulting from an unauthorised transaction, you will be asked to complete and sign a form providing further information.

HSBC Bank Egypt will investigate your complaint, and within 21 days of receiving your complaint write to you explaining the outcome of its investigation or, if more time is needed, how the problem will be handled and when you can expect a reply. Except where HSBC Bank Egypt is awaiting a response from you, it will provide you with monthly updates on its progress should the investigation take longer than 45 days to complete.

When HSBC Bank Egypt notifies you of the result, it will also advise you of the reasons for its decision. If your account is found to have been incorrectly credited or debited, HSBC Bank Egypt will adjust your account accordingly and notify you of this. If you are not satisfied with the decision, you may wish to take the matter further.

Money paid in error:

We can recover money we paid into your Account if we believe that the payment was made due to computer system error, technical error or malfunction, human error, clearing system error, fraud or mistake. We can recover the amount from any of your accounts held with us. We aren’t responsible for any loss you may suffer if we take these steps. If it was a payment in another currency, we’ll apply the HSBC Exchange Rate at the time of reversing any transaction.

We’ll contact you if we’re informed a payment was made to you by mistake.

If you receive a payment into your Account as a result of fraud or a mistake, we can place a hold on the amount while we investigate. We may later deduct it from your Account, even if this leads to your Account being overdrawn or going over any agreed pre-authorised Overdraft limit, we’ll treat it as an Exceptional Overdraft. This means you may need to pay additional interest, fees and charges.

We can recover amounts credited to your Account in error. Should your Account be overdrawn for any reason, you will be liable to pay.

14. Information

You authorize us to pass information about you and your accounts to other members of the HSBC group and third parties through and in various countries and regions, including the UK for the provision of the service. Such information will be processed in accordance with our instructions.

HSBC Bank Egypt is a member of the HSBC Group of Companies, one of the world's largest Banking and Financial Services organizations. The HSBC Group comprises HSBC Holdings plc, its subsidiaries, including HSBC Bank Middle East Limited, and associated companies and their various departments and businesses. HSBC Bank Egypt may share information about an account holder with other members of the HSBC Group of Companies or third parties as detailed in the Privacy and Security Statement.

15. Changes to these Terms

HSBC Bank Egypt reserves the right to change these Terms and any other information it has issued about the Service at any time. HSBC Bank Egypt will notify you upon it's discretion (with a minimum of 7 working days) prior to any changes or additions to the current rates, tariffs, charges, penalties or transaction limits. by virtue of any mean of communication ( including but not limited to SMS, emails, secure messages, HSBC Bank Egypt website ). Notice of any other change will be given in writing (for example on account statements or on our website) or by an advertisement appearing in the press no later than the date on which the change takes place.

16. Fees and charges:

If you use the service to effect a transaction you may incur a fee on the account you access. The fees and charges payable in respect of transactions are those detailed in HSBC Bank Egypt Tariff of Charges and are shown in our branches (at the time the relevant transaction is undertaken).

17. Electronic advertising:

From time to time HSBC Bank Egypt may advertise its own products or services and those of other companies in the HSBC Group of Companies on the website through which you access the Service. If, in relation to other agreements between you and HSBC Bank Egypt, you have asked it not to send you any marketing material (or if you do so in the future), you agree that this restriction will not apply to these electronic advertisements and consent to receiving them when accessing HSBC Bank Egypt internet website and/or service.

18. Security of online banking:

HSBC Bank Egypt uses a very high level of encryption to protect your transactions and accounts from unauthorised access. The use of such levels of encryption may be illegal in certain jurisdictions. It is your responsibility to ensure that your ability to use the service is permitted by local law. You are responsible for acquiring and maintaining any equipment required for your continued access to and use of the service (such as your telephone or computer), and for your own computer's anti-virus and security measures.

You agree not to interfere with or damage (or attempt to interfere with or damage) any PBN, password, data or software associated with the service.

Due to the open nature of the internet, the Bank must not guarantee the complete security of your transactions from hacking, unauthorised access, virus attacks and other deliberate attempts by third parties in breaching the latest security features which have been put in place.

You can, and are required to, pursuant to our Terms for registering for the service, protect yourself against some of the security risks by ensuring that you do not in any circumstances disclose your online banking ID and/or password to anyone. Please note that HSBC will never ask for such information.

On the Bank's part, all reasonably practicable steps will be taken to ensure that your transactions are secure, including the installation of security features which are designed to keep all communication private and confidential. Further, the Bank is also not responsible for the consequences of any virus or other destructive features which may adversely affect your hardware, software or equipment.

Apart from the above risks, we also wish to advise that due to unexpected communication network volumes and failures, there may be a time lag in transmission of information and communication via the Internet. Accordingly your requests or transactions may not be carried out within the time frames anticipated.

Email Scams

No one at HSBC will ever ask you for your online banking password. If someone does ever ask you for it - they do not represent HSBC!

Scam emails are a method that is used by fraudulent persons to obtain details of your usernames and passwords. Recently customers of other financial institutions were targeted using this method. We ask you to exercise extreme caution.

These emails typically tempt customers to click a link which then takes them to a fairly realistic looking website representing HSBC. Customers are then asked to input various details including usernames, passwords and other personal details quoting security reasons.

We have therefore created the following guidelines that we strongly recommend be adhered to:

(a.) Do not respond to emails asking for secure information. HSBC does not use email communication to convey or seek information of a sensitive nature such as customer usernames, passwords or confirmation of personal details.

(b.) On occasion, we may send emails promoting our products and services. You can respond to these but you do not have to key in passwords for such responses.

(c.) If you receive any suspicious looking emails, do not carry out any of the instructions within them. If you are concerned that you may have disclosed your security details please contact our Customer Service immediately on:

19. Recording telephone calls:

HSBC Bank Egypt may record telephone calls made to HSBC Bank Egypt Customer Service for transaction verification and quality control training purposes.

20. Voice ID:

By registering to Voice ID, we will be collecting, storing and analyzing recordings of your voice to generate a ‘voice print’ that is unique to you, and use this voice print to identify you when you call us. 

Your Voice ID may be stored and produced by a third party and shall constitute an unequivocal evidence to you requesting any services, whereby you agree that that the Bank’s records shall be the construed conclusive in that regard. For more information on how we collect and store your data, please refer to our Personal Banking General Terms and Conditions and Online Banking Terms and Conditions.

Enrolling to Voice ID is optional. you can continue to use your Phone Banking Pin at your convenience.

Using the Voice ID shall be considered as your consent for Personal Banking General Terms and Conditions and Online Banking terms and conditions as applicable to your use of the Phone Banking services in general and to Voice ID in particular. 

HSBC has the right to amend/suspend/ terminate this service at any point of time at HSBC own discretion without providing any justification or the need to provide any prior notification.

Any transactions made by using the Voice ID are subject to our Personal Banking Terms and Conditions and Online Banking terms and conditions and any other related services/products terms and conditions associated with your relevant requests.

21. Text message alert service:

The use of text message alert service made available by HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E to its customers shall at all times be governed by the following Terms and Conditions:

We will from time to time determine or specify at our sole discretion the scope and features of the online banking service alert service, introduce a new fees or charges and are entitled to modify, expand or reduce the same.

We reserve the right at all times to vary or amend the forgoing Terms & Conditions or to introduce new Terms & Conditions. Any such variations or amendments shall become effective and binding on you upon notification by us to you by a method as HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E. shall decide.

Text message alert will be sent to you based on a minimum transaction threshold defined by the bank for each product that might be changed at bank's discretion. Text message alert will be sent to you only in English language.

The text message alert service may, without prior notice, be suspended or terminated by us for any reason whatsoever, including, without limitation, invalid data, closure of related account(s), breakdown, maintenance, modification, expansion and/or enhancement work caused or initiated by the telecommunications company (s) concerned in relation to their network or by any service provider in respect of the text message alert service. We will not assume any liability or responsibility for any such suspension or termination.

The text message alert service may be terminated at any time upon your request to the bank via online banking account or by calling HSBC Call Center:

Any such termination shall be effective within [2] working days of receipt of the termination notice by us.

Any information received under the text message alert service is for information only, and shall not be taken as conclusive evidence of the matter to which it relates.

The Bank must be notified by the customer any changes to information provided to the Bank related to or for the purposes of the text message alert service including the details of the customer's designated mobile phone number and the telecommunications company providing or servicing it.

You must report immediately to HSBC local call center any transaction that was not performed, and/or authorized by him/her. In addition, you shall promptly inform us of any loss or theft of your mobile phone by calling HSBC Call Center, 24/7 We shall not be liable for any loss or claim resulting from the relaying of any information pursuant to the text message alert service to the designated mobile phone number prior to receipt of any notification of loss or theft

Following receipt of notification of loss or theft, you shall have no further liability provided that you have acted in good faith and all reasonable care and diligence in safeguarding the designated mobile phone number and in promptly reporting its loss or theft to us.

We shall not assume any liability or responsibility for any failure or delay in transmitting information to you or any error in such information. In particular, we shall not assume any liability or responsibility for the consequences arising from any cause beyond our reasonable control including, without limitation, failure of your telecommunications equipment to receive information for whatever reason, any telecommunications breakdown, mechanical failure, path failure, malfunction, breakdown, interruption or accuracy of equipment or installation. None of the telecommunications companies designated by us are our agents or our representatives and there is no co-operation, partnership, joint venture or other relationship between us and any of them.

You undertake to indemnify and hold us harmless against all actions, claims, demands, liabilities, losses, damages, costs and expenses of whatever nature that may result or which we may sustain, suffer or incur as a result of our agreeing to provide the text message alert service to you.

We shall not be liable for any losses or damage caused:

a. by the disclosure of confidential information;

b. by the disclosure of information to the designated mobile phone where such designated mobile phone is in another person's possession with your consent; or

c. to your data, designated mobile phone, telecommunications equipment or other equipment, in each case caused by your use of the text message alert service.

Any notice from us to you may be made in such manner and by such means of communication as we shall deem fit, including, without limitation, use of direct mailing material, advertisement, branch display, electronic communications such as email or via the text message alert service. Any notice from you to us shall be in writing and to be delivered to any of our branches or through your online banking Account or by contacting HSBC Call Center unless otherwise indicated in these Terms & Conditions.

The bank will debit the annual subscription fee of the text message alert service for banking account transactions from your primary personal account with the bank on the date of subscription.

The cost of roaming service for text message messages to your mobile outside Egypt will be charged to you by your local mobile operator according to its tariff without the bank interference. All customers receiving text message services should ensure that their mobiles are having the roaming service to be able to receive the services while they are abroad.

You irrevocably authorize us to:

a. Disclose or share any information, details or data (at our discretion and for any purpose whatsoever) about you to any other member or associate member within the HSBC Group; and

b. Transfer or subcontract the provision of any part of the text message alert services provided to you by us to any member of the HSBC Group in any territory.

Important Information for credit cardholders:

The credit cardholders will be automatically enrolled in the text message alert service free of charge. Enrolling in the text message alert service will result in providing the services to all credit cards owned by primary and supplementary cardholders.

Each primary and supplementary cardholders will receive text message related to each card usage on their own mobiles numbers available in the bank records.

The primary cardholder only has the right to opt out the text message alert service at any point of time by calling HSBC Call Center. And such request shall be effective within [2] working days.

The requests for opting out by the primary cardholder will result in termination of the services to all credit cards related to him/her including the supplementary cards.

The text message alert service will be available only to the cardholders who are maintaining local mobile lines. International mobile lines will not be accommodated.

Text message alert will be sent to the cardholder based on a minimum transaction threshold defined by the bank for each credit card product that might be changed at bank's discretion.

The Egyptian law shall govern the above Terms and Conditions. Any dispute arising as per to the interpretation or execution of it shall be submitted to Cairo Economical court.

22. Termination:

You may stop your use of the service at any time by giving written notice to HSBC Bank Egypt. HSBC Bank Egypt may terminate the service at any time by giving you a written notice. Funds transfers for which instructions have been given and which are scheduled to be made after your use of the service is terminated may not be effected by HSBC Bank Egypt.

23. Governing law:

Our agreement with you on these Terms and the transactions carried out under it are governed by the law in force in Egypt. Both you and HSBC Bank Egypt submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Egypt in respect of any dispute.

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